Aimee Teegarden Net Worth, Biography, Actress, Spouse Explained!

Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Date of Birth: Oct 10, 1989 (33 years old)
Place of Birth:Downey
Gender: Female
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Actor, Model, Film Producer
Nationality: United States of America

What is Aimee Teegarden’s Net Worth and Salary?

Aimee Teegarden is an American entertainer and model who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Teegarden is likely most popular for showing up in the NBC show “Friday Night Lights” from 2006 to 2011. She then, at that point, proceeded to star in the show “Star-Crossed,” albeit that series was somewhat brief. Beyond displaying and acting, Aimee has likewise functioned as a maker.

Early Life

Aimee Teegarden was born on October 10, 1989 in Downey, California. Brought up in the suburbia of Los Angeles, Aimee became engaged with media outlets from the beginning and finished secondary school using autonomous review. She procured her secondary school recognition by the age of 16.


Aimee started her vocation as a model, posturing for brands like Alltel, Hollister, Old Naval Force, Tommy Hilfiger, and YMI Pants. During this period, she additionally made a couple of early television appearances in shows like “Cold Case,” “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Reference,” and “Hannah Montana.” Her true advancement accompanied “Friday Night Lights.” Teegarden assumed the part of Julie Taylor in the series, who was one of the little girls of the football trainer. She consequently showed up in each of the five times of the show, which finished in 2011.

During her experience on “Friday Night Lights,” Teegarden additionally became associated with the Miss Youngster USA 2007 Show. This prompted her posing Caitlin Upton an inquiry about US residents being not able to find their country on a guide, which incited Upton to give a tangled and illogical reaction that became a web sensation. During her experience on “Friday Night Lights,” Teegarden carved out an opportunity to show up in some of the extra series, including “90210,” “Legend of the Searcher,” “CSI: Miami,” and “CSI: Crime Location Examination.”

Aimee Teegarden

Later “Friday Night Lights” came nearby, and Aimee proceeded to book a job in the web series “Reach Skyward.” This show ran for two seasons, in the end coming to a nearby in 2013. During this period, Teegarden booked a job in the film “Shout 4” preceding joining the cast of the Disney flick “Prom.” The last option saw her assume a focal part, and that year she was named television Entertainer of the Year at the Youthful Hollywood Honors. This was for the most part in acknowledgment of her work on “Friday Night Lights.” Later in 2011, Teegarden booked a job in a film called “Love and Honor” close by Liam Hemsworth. She wrapped up an occupied 2011 by featuring in the film “Underneath the Obscurity.”

In 2012, Teegarden booked a job in a pilot for a show called “The Choice,” albeit the series was never really greenlit. The show was even revamped briefly pilot, yet that pilot was likewise excused by the network. In 2014, she featured in the series “Star-Crossed,” albeit this show would ultimately be dropped after only one season. In 2017, she booked one more film job in “Rings.” Throughout the following couple of years, Teegarden booked jobs in motion pictures like “A Shift in Perspective” and “Visitor House.”

During the last option part of the 2010s, Aimee proceeded with her TV vocation with “The Farm,” showing up in four episodes of this series. She then, at that point, joined the cast of “Famous” in 2016, assuming the part of Ella Benjamin. In 2018, she booked a job in the television film “When Upon a Christmas Marvel.” In 2019, she laid down a good foundation for herself as a voice entertainer with “Robot Chicken.” In 2021, she showed up in an episode of the series “The Freshman.”

Furthermore, Aimee Teegarden has shown up in various music recordings throughout the long term, working together with specialists like Prevent, Metro Station, Neon Trees, and Demi Lovato.

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