Bro Movie Review : ‘BRO Telugu Movie Review’ An Epic Cinematic Journey Bro (2023 film)

Bro (stylized as BRO) (meaning: Brother) is a 2023 Indian Telugu-language supernatural fantasy comedy film directed by Samuthirakani, from a screenplay by Trivikram Srinivas. Produced under People Media Factory and Zee Studios, Bro is a remake of Samuthirakani’s own Tamil film, Vinodhaya Sitham (2021). It stars Pawan Kalyan, Sai Dharam Tej, Priya Prakash Varrier, Ketika Sharma, Brahmanandam and Subbaraju.

The music is composed by Thaman S, the cinematography is handled by Sujith Vasudev, and the editing is by Naveen Nooli. Bro was theatrically released on 28 July 2023 and opened to mixed-to-negative reviews from critics.


  • Sai Dharam Tej as Markandeyulu “Mark”
  • Pawan Kalyan in an extended cameo as “God of Time”
  • Ketika Sharma as Ramya
  • Priya Prakash Varrier as Veena, Mark’s sister
  • Brahmanandam
  • Subbaraju
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Yuva Lakshmi as Mark’s Sister
  • Ali Reza
  • Rohini as Mark’s mother
  • Tanikella Bharani
  • Prudhvi Raj
  • Raja Chembolu
  • Surya Sreenivas
  • Urvashi Rautela in a cameo appearance as Sithra Manjari in “My Dear Markandeya”


In December 2021, after the outcome of Vinodhaya Sitham, Samuthirakani was welcome to change the film in Telugu. Be that as it may, he would have rather not returned as an entertainer and planned to project one more star in it. In February 2023, the film was formally sent off, with Pawan Kalyan close by Sai Dharam Tej, who might exposition the jobs of Samuthirakani and Thambi Ramaiah separately, from the first rendition.

The film was under the provisional title PKSDT, as it highlighted Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej in the nominal jobs. Without further ado, the title was reported as Brother in May 2023. The vital photography of the film started that very month in Hyderabad.

Later that month, Tej’s character was announced as Markandeyulu “Mark”

At the point when a film banks vigorously on a star’s hits from an earlier time, referring to melodies and discoursed from his blockbusters, yet neglects to have new champion minutes, it can wind up as an enormous fizzle. The Telugu film Brother – the Symbol, featuring uncle-nephew team Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej, is one such valid example. Chief Samuthirakani who had composed and coordinated the Tamil unique Vinodhaya Sitham, revamps the plot to suit Pawan Kalyan’s and Sai Dharam Tej’s personas with the assistance of Trivikram Srinivas’ screenplay and exchanges. However, Brother winds up as a film that every so often gets some cheer yet in any case misfires into an exhausting drama, regardless of a very much expected story.

Bro (2023 film)

The center plot isn’t terrible in any way; a significant one explains the well known fact that not even one of us are essential; our home and work environment will adjust and continue on regardless of us. The story can work like a tale that makes the watcher reclaim a couple of opportunities to gain some new experience.

Samuthirakani and Trivikram Srinivas suitably call the focal person Markandeyulu (Sai Dharam Tej). Mark, as his partners and companions allude to him, thinks he is introducing his best self to his family and associates and that he knows the best. ‘I have no time’ is his consistent abstain.

Brother the symbol (Telugu)
Project: Pawan Kalyan, Sai Dharam Tej, Ketika Sharma
Heading: Samuthirakani
Music: S Thaman

Storyline: A narcissistic man gets another opportunity throughout everyday life and will eat crow
Brother investigates the potential outcomes when Imprint’s life is fiercely stopped and time introduces itself in an awesome symbol of Pawan Kalyan who is named, pause your breathing, Titan! Mark waits for chance to satisfy his obligations. Titan, who is tended to by Check as ‘brother’, comes to a concurrence with Imprint.

The presentation succession of ‘time’ otherwise known as Titan has more than adequate references to the ‘power’ in the ‘power star’ name. He is likewise introduced as a representation for a watchman who transports individuals between various universes, dressed like in the ‘Vayyari Bhama’ melody from Thammudu. The tomfoolery has quite recently started, so we don’t care about it. Before long, there are references to Tholi Prema, Khushi, Jalsa, Bheemla Nayak… This would have been more enjoyable had Brother concocted portion of unique minutes can go the distance and act as mainstream society references in the years to come.

Among the melodies that play at standard spans, the best time and foot-tapping ones are the concise fragments from Jalsa and Bheemla Nayak, not the new sytheses. So it is with the exchanges also. Brahmanandam (in an appearance) and Pawan Kalyan have a good time go head to head. The couple have shone in better-composed comic stretches previously; here, the composing doesn’t have the punch. It never raises above fan administration, referring to old discoursed and the star’s political vocation.

A large part of the primary hour is spent showing the way that Imprint rethinks his impression of individuals, at home and at work. The sub-plots including the kin are unsurprising and the workplace issues also don’t hold many amazements. Priya Prakash Varrier, Raja Chembolu, Tanikella Bharani and Ketika Sharma (as Imprint’s sweetheart) get a couple of moments to make their presence felt. Vennela Kishore is underutilized as well.

The one supporting person who will have an effect is Rohini. For an enormous part, her job is like that of a cliché screen mother and the story helpfully consigns her to the foundation. At the point when she is brought back, she springs an unforeseen pleasure. This part and the last fragment where Imprint will take a gander at life once more and have a genuine discussion with Titan are the main critical bits of the film.

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Brother doesn’t cause Pawan Kalyan or Sai Dharam Tej to do anything extraordinary. They only go through the different profound beats expected of them. We have seen better from the two of them. The inferior enhanced visualizations are likewise a dampener.

Looking back, Gopala, in which Pawan Kalyan played God in bodily form, was a seriously engaging film. Brother’s unique, Vinodhaya Sitham, had a story focused on a moderately aged character (played by Thambi Ramaiah). The Telugu variation changes specific viewpoints to suit a more youthful hero and attempts to pack in sufficient diversion to take care of Pawan Kalyan’s fan base. However, lethargically composed and executed, it wastes its true capacity.

BRO Telugu Review Movie 2023 Film: An Entertaining Masterpiece

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Behind the Scenes: A Stellar Cast and Crew

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Plot Synopsis: A Riveting Tale of Brotherhood and Adventure

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Cinematography and Visual Brilliance: A Treat for the Senses

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Music and Soundscapes: Enhancing the Emotional Impact

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Character Portrayals: A Stellar Performance by the Cast

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Themes and Social Relevance: Impact Beyond Entertainment

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Critical Acclaim and Anticipation: Pre-Release Buzz

The anticipation surrounding the “BRO Telugu Review Movie 2023 Film” has been extraordinary. Discover how the film garnered attention and acclaim even before its release. This section showcases snippets from early reviews, audience reactions, and industry expectations, building excitement for the cinematic extravaganza.

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Comparisons to Previous Works: Setting New Standards

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Promotional Strategies: Building Anticipation

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Impact on Telugu Cinema: Paving the Way for Future

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Fan Theories and Speculations: Analyzing Clues

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Cultural References and Symbolism: Unveiling Hidden Layers

Behind every scene, there may be hidden cultural references and symbolism that add depth to the movie. Here, we decipher the underlying meanings and cultural elements woven into the narrative of the “BRO Telugu Review Movie 2023 Film.”

International Appeal: Crossing Borders

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Inclusivity and Diversity: Representing Multifaceted Characters

Diversity in representation is essential for any inclusive film. This section explores how the “BRO Telugu Review Movie 2023 Film” embraces multifaceted characters, breaking stereotypes, and resonating with audiences from all walks of life.

Realism and Authenticity: Capturing Life’s Essence

Great movies have the power to portray realism and authenticity. Unravel how the “BRO Telugu Review Movie 2023 Film” captures the essence of life


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